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 Familienwappen - Wappenkunst              Fam. Roland Tiedtke
 Welcome! We would like to give you a preview about Heraldry and bearing coat of arms.   We´ve heard that there is a confusion among the general public about the status of heraldry in the United states. Here is something about the old art (ars heraldica) from a traditional german heraldist. May be something interesting, if you´ve got german ancestors.    First of all: Definition   A coat of arms is a set of pictures of patterns painted on a shield with a helmet, mantling, wreath and crest as aspecial sign for family, town, university, state ect.!   It may be a symbol for your family, family history and your origin!   The terms of heradry   (But in Germany only nobility was allowed to use supporters)     Freely assumption of amorial bearings   The Us constitution says (article I) "No state shall ....grant any title of nobility."   This prohibits any titles of nobility, but coat of arms were used by some of the signers of the "Declaration of Independence." Just an example from U.S. history.     In Germany - let´s go back to the "Middle ages" - amorial bearings weren´t nobility´s privilege. Under german law every free man was allowed to bear a coat of arms. Armorial bearings can be freely assumed in Germany until today! You´ve got german ancestors? Assume your coat of arms! Design of a new coat of arms / new armorial bearings   The following points are very importend, if a new amorial bearings shall be designed:   1. The design must be based on the old general ackknowledged heraldic rules! It has to be technically correct!   2. No infringe upon rules of colours and symbols!   3. No infringe upon the rights of other!   Nobody necessarily related to somebody having the same or a similar name. The same name doesn´t entitle to his arms. In Germany a coat of arms is protected by civil law (§ 12 BGB). Only if one can prove genealogically to descend from an arminger in the male line, he can use his arms! There exists not the coat of arms for the family "Miller", there are many c.o.a. for many families named "Miller", you know?   4. Respect the "Ausschließlichkeitsgrundsatz". This means: the design is unique. Don´t use a version of an other coat of arms. May I introduce a traditional german heraldic society?   The "Heraldische Verein "Zum Kleeblatt" von 1888 zu Hannover e. V." was founded 4th december 1888. It is ackknowledged for it´s scientific work. The society registers german citizien´s / ethnic German´s coat of arms and announces the registration in the "Niedersächsische Wappenrolle (NWR) " - a famous book of heraldry. But the "Heraldische Verein "Zum Kleeblatt" von 1888 zu Hannover e.V." concerns itsself with sphragistics, sigillography, genealogy and vexilloligy, too. You like to visit their homepage? Please, take a look at "Links und Kontakt".   Tip: If you´ve british ancestors: The Royal College of Arms in London still awards coats of arms to british citizen, people from some Commenwealth - States an US citizien with british ancestores, A full coat of arms shows: shield, helm, mantling, wreath an the crest, Like you´ve seen before.   The following tinctures can be used: metals and colours. Metal are "gold" (yellow colour) and "argent" (white colour). "Sable" (black colour), "gules" (red colour), "azure" (blue colour) and "vert" (green colour) are known as colours!   Respect the ethnic background of your family and keep your new coat of arms in the old ackknowlegded heraldic rules! In the style of the country of your origin, the home of your ancestors: German heraldry! Coat of arms designed by German heraldic artist!  A symbol for your family, family history an origin. Assume your   Coat of Arms! - Made in Germany!   We design your family symbol. We create your arms. You can establish a new heraldic tradition within your family. Traditional! In the "old medieval" style. Painted as a decorative enamel - oil painting an cardboard, which is silimar as parchment. Like the pictures you´ve seen on our page.   Bear your arms on your card, on your notepaper, dishes, tin -dishes, seal-ring and much more. For more information about heraldry, oil painting samples an so on , please contact:   Familienwappen- Wappenkunst - Fam. Roland Tiedtke - Bachstraße 191 50171 Kerpen / Rheinland Germany   mailto: wappentroeth@t-online.de   Many thanks for reading my page. And please, excuse me for my terrible English.       This isn´t a homepage of the "Heraldischer Verein "Zum Kleeblatt" von 1888 zu Hannover e.V.". We are only a members of this society.
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